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Sales Terms & Conditions 


  • One-time membership registration is a pre-requisite for participation in any of NS Gymnastics Pte Ltd. (herein NorthStar) programmes. Adult students are exempted.

  • Membership is strictly not transferrable and not refundable. All fees paid are not refundable.

  • Classes can be used by the member only, and cannot be shared or transferred.

  • Re-membership registration is required after continuous break of one year.



  • Term fees must be paid in full by the invoice deadline before the start of the next term. The student’s scheduled slot(s) will be released automatically by the deadline if not secured with payment.

  • Public holidays and gym breaks that occur during the term are not counted in number of classes charged.

  • Special term purchase can be made a maximum of 2 times per calendar year. Different rates apply.

  • A Late Fee per gymnast will be chargeable after the release of slot(s) for the new term if the slot(s) are still available.

  • Left-over classes at the end of the term will be forfeited and cannot be brought over to another term.

  • Term fee will be pro-rated accordingly for new members signing up for NorthStar’s programme(s).

Adult Package

  • Packages must be purchased strictly before the start of each package. Classes are sold as single sessions if otherwise.

  • Packages are activated upon attendance of the first class. Each package is strictly valid for 3 months and non-extendable. 

  • Left-over classes or hours at the end of the package will be forfeited.



  • Class registration is on first-come-first serve basis, subject to space availability and the Head Coach’s recommendation.

  • Pre-booking of trial classes is strictly required. A maximum of 2 trials are allowed.

  • Students are to attend their scheduled classes in accordance to the class type purchased only. There is strictly no changing of regular scheduled classes during the term or package period.

  • Make-up lesson is subject to space availability of a class suitable for the student’s level. Pre-booking is strictly required. Make-up(s) must be done within the same term. Booked make-up(s) are non-cancellable and counted as used if there is no-show for any reason and cannot be re-scheduled. A maximum of 2 make-ups are allowed per term (not applicable to students in Parent & Tot class). 

  • Pre-booking of adult classes is also strictly required. NorthStar reserves all rights with regards to drop-in students.

  • For adults classes online, any cancellations must be made at least 2 hours before the start of the classes; otherwise when there's late cancellation or no-show, the session will be counted as consumed and deducted from the package automatically. Therefore, only book the class that you can attend.

  • NorthStar reserves  the right to cancel any classes or change the schedule (time and date). These are usually due to special events such as competitions, coaches workshops etc. 

  • There are no regular lessons on government gazetted public holidays, eve of Christmas and Chinese New Year, as well as NorthStar’s gym breaks. For packages, these are within the buffer period, please complete the sessions before package expiry. 


  • Participant(s) and member(s) shall adhere to the above rules & regulations, and comply with the directions of NorthStar for the use of its services and/or facility. This includes Northstar’s safety policies and procedures for Covid-19 prevention and control.

  • NorthStar reserves all rights, including but is not limited to, on membership registration, sale of any products & services, use of its facility and all the services & classes offered.

  • NorthStar Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) are amended from time to time as our services evolve. Each time you sign-up for our programmes, please check these T&Cs to ensure you understand the terms that apply at that time. With continued participation you are deemed to understand and accept the T&Cs.

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