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Our Mission

Creating a fun, safe and nurturing gymnastics & fitness space for all in Singapore

We at NorthStar Gymnastics believe that staying fit and working out is vital to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Our core mission is to play a constructive role in the development of healthy, confident, disciplined and responsible children. These qualities will benefit them beyond gymnastics through to adulthood.  

Our approach is simple and proven:

  • Goal setting – define and set a positive path of accomplishment

  • A fun way to learn – master the art of learning in a fun, enthusiastic way

  • Enhance physical & mental development – develop and refine lifelong carry over skills with self-esteem being at the top of the list

  • Positive reinforcement & encouragement – appreciate their innate self-worth and abilities

That’s why we started NorthStar Gymnastics & Fitness in Singapore to cater to both recreational and competitive athletes. Our space functions as a safe haven for our students, no matter their age, gender, or fitness background.


We measure our success not by the number of medals; but by what each child can take with them once they leave the sport of gymnastics. Every child who participates in our programmes should receive the same quality instruction, regardless of their ability. Join us today to become a part of the NorthStar family.

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