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Coach Jon Gutierrez

Jon Gutierrez

Director & Head Coach

Founder of NorthStar Gymnastics & Fitness, Jon is responsible for developing and managing our coaching operations and programmes.

An active member of Singapore Gymnastics, he served as Gymnastics Floor Manager at the 2010 Youth Olympics Games and the SEA Games 2015 and 2019. He also trained new coaches as a presenter with SG Coaches accreditation programme.

Having coached at a senior level for over 30 years (having started at the age of 14), Jon is dedicated to the development of gymnastics as a sport, and has attended many seminars with various experts globally.

Prior to NorthStar Gymnastics, he led the coaching team as Director of Gymnastics at another club for the past six years. Coach Jon was Gymnastics Head Coach at the Singapore American Community Action Council (SACAC) Sports for 19 years.

His experience also includes coaching at Club Gymnastica Philippines as Head Coach & Manager. At age 17, Jon also served as Assistant Coach to the Philippines Junior National Team.​

  • Certified Level 2 FIG Coaching Course

  • United States Gymnastics Federation (USGF) certified

  • Certified British Gymnastics Level 1

  • Certified AGU (Asian Gymnastics Union) Coaching course in Jordan and Singapore

  • Certified and attended various safety courses run by USA Gymnastics

  • NCAP GG Level 1 Course presenter since 2011

  • PESTA Educational Gymnastics Course Presenter since 2012

  • First Aid & AED certified

Cathy O'Campo

Senior WAG Coach

With over 20 years of coaching experience and choreography expertise, Coach Cathy joined NorthStar Gymnastics as Senior WAG Coach.


An award-winning elite gymnast, Cathy represented the Philippines National Team from 1981 to 1993. Her accolades include clinching the gold medal in floor exercise during the 1991 and 1993 SEA Games. In 1989 and 1991, she represented the Philippines in the World Gymnastics Championships in Stuttgart, Germany and Indianapolis, USA. In total, Cathy competed in 5 consecutive SEA Games, 2 World Championships and 1 Asian Games. 


Coach Cathy transitioned naturally from competitive gymnastics to coaching. Prior to joining NorthStar Gymnastics, Cathy coached in other clubs and international schools.

  • United States Gymnastics Federation (USGF) certified

  • National Coaching Accreditation Program (NCAP) British Gymnastics (BG)

  • Qualified choreographer

  • First Aid & AED certified

Coach Dub.jpg

Chin Dub Fong

WAG & MAG Coach

Coach Dub joined NorthStar Gymnastics as Gymnastics Coach for WAG and MAG. He has been involved with the sport for over two decades, and coaches both recreational and competitive squads.


Prior to joining NorthStar Gymnastics, he has coached in Singapore for 8 years at clubs, local and international schools at both recreational and junior competitive levels. He judged at local competitions organised by Singapore Gymnastics and international schools for the past 6 years. Dub used to be in the IT industry but found himself spending more time in the gym, practicing and occasionally coaching other students, than on coursework during his university days in Australia. Hence the switch to a role which requires being on the feet most of the time instead of a chair.


He is an internationally accredited FIG MAG Coach (Level 2), FIG TRA Coach (Level 1), nationally accredited Intermediate WAG Coach (Level 1b), Intermediate KinderGym Coach (Level 1b), and WAG Judge (Level 1). He also possesses coaching accreditations from British Gymnastics and Gymnastics Australia.


Coach Dub brings to NorthStar Gymnastics experience in delivering gymnastics programmes to a variety of environments with their own unique challenges. As a technology enthusiast, Coach Dub believes in leveraging on existing technology to help enhance the learning process in gymnastics.

  • FIG Men's Artistic Gymnastics L2

  • FIG Trampoline Gymnastics L1

  • SG Coach Women's Artistic Gymnastics L1

  • SG Coach Trampoline L1

  • SG Coach KinderGym

  • NCAP General Gymnastics L1

  • British Gymnastics MAG L1

  • First Aid & AED certified

Coach Harby.jpg

Harriette Mauricio

WAG Coach

Coach Harby joined NorthStar Gymnastics as WAG Coach. She enjoys interacting and teaching the young ones, and is responsible for driving the club's Kindergym programme. She values each child's individuality and always succeeds in finding a way to create a lasting relationship with them. Through coaching, she spreads her passion for gymnastics to the next generation of gymnasts.

A former competitive gymnast from the Philippines, Coach Harby her coaching career after graduating from University. She has 8 years of coaching experience from recreational to WAG competitive levels. She is a Singapore Gymnastics General Gymnastics Certified coach (GG Level 1) and has acquired her FIG Level 1 WAG certification. She has gone through various dance and artistry workshops to improve on her dance choreography skills. 

  • SG General Gymnastics Level 1 Certification

  • FIG Women's Artistic Gymnastics Level 1 

  • First Aid & AED certified

Coach Tracie.jpg

Tracie Ang

WAG Coach

Coach Tracie joined NorthStar Gymnastics as WAG Coach & Choreographer upon her retirement as an elite competitive gymnast. She brings to this role over 20 years of gymnastics experience.

Representing Malaysia as a National Team athlete between 2006 to 2021, Coach Tracie won gold medals in the World Cup (2016) and Sea Games (2005-2019). She was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (Pingat Jasa Kebaktian-P.J.K) in 2019 by the Malaysian government. 


Her artistic creativity coupled with keen interest in both music and dance enable her to raise the bar for NorthStar WAG team’s floor routine performance. Backed by her international exposure during her competitive days, Coach Tracie connects and communicates with people from diverse cultural backgrounds effectively. Her cheerful personality also endears her to gymnasts in both recreational and competitive programmes.


  • Malaysian Artistic Gymnastics Judging Level 1& 2

  • Sport Science Level 1

Coach Jeevann

Jeevann Grewal Singh

WAG Coach

Coach Jeevann started his time with NorthStar Gymnastics as an intern for his Diploma in Sport Science & Management. Under Head Coach Jon’s mentorship, he gained strong fundamentals and practical experience in coaching gymnastics and spotting skills. Given his good performance, Coach Jeevann joined the club as WAG Coach upon graduation.


He coaches at both recreational and competitive levels, and is capable of coaching from Level 3 to 5. A certified NROC Coach, he continuously upgrades his professional knowledge and skills and is currently taking the Singapore Gymnastics’ Intermediate Coaching Course.


Coach Jeevann’s goal is to ensure that students have fun in the process of learning to facilitate their progress and help develop them as individuals as well. He actively engages the gymnasts during training.


Coach Jeevann is passionate about sports. An ardent Arsenal football club supporter, he plays football in his free time.

  • Sport Singapore NROC Coach

  • First Aid & AED certified

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