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Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Structured artistic gymnastics classes with progressive training and levels for children and teenagers in Singapore!


3 - 5 Years Old

Introducing toddlers and young children to the world of gymnastics at an age where they are developing coordination and agility. Kindergym is where students:

  • enhance gross motor skills (running, swinging, hopping, skipping, crawling etc.),

  • learn basic gymnastics (balancing, rolling, hand support skills etc.) and

  • build fundamentals of stretching and physical fitness.

Students are also introduced to early social awareness skills independently from their parents. Classes are energetic and movement-based. Students have fun while mastering the basics and fundamentals of gymnastics.

For faster response, WhatsApp us at 8201-5968.

Beginner Recreational

6 Years Old Onwards

Designed for beginners, this is a skills-based programme where students will learn basic gymnastics skills on various equipment with side station drills.


Students are grouped according to their abilities and gender (for men’s or women’s events) from this level onwards. Students work at their own pace progressively under close supervision by the coaches.


NorthStar Gymnastics' Beginner classes improve gymnasts’ strength, flexibility and total fitness. It also instills determination, confidence, discipline and teamwork.

Our budding gymnasts also get to perform their skills and engage in friendly competition with your peers at our popular annual in-house meet attended by parents and friends! 


For faster response, WhatsApp us at 8201-5968.

Advanced Recreational

9 Years Old Onwards

Gymnasts in this non-competitive group have different goals in learning gymnastics e.g:

  • learn advanced gymnastics skills without competing, or

  • excel outside gymnastics in related sports e.g. cheerleading, dance, acrobatics, martial arts, parkour, water skiing etc., or

  • benefit from total body fitness and coordination without working out with weights and machines.


Tumbling for cheerleading classes are also available. Contact us to find out more! For faster response, WhatsApp us at 8201-5968.

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