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NorthStar Gymnastics Programmes

Full range of gymnastics and fitness classes catering to all age groups and training goals

Our gymnastics programmes are customised with progressive development and skill sets at each level. Every class has clear goals and is geared towards specific progression and proficiency. The Head Coach will recommend the suitable level according to the students’ ages, abilities and goals. Contact us now to reserve your spot!



Engage your very young ones in play while exposing them to gymnastics at our Play Gym, Parent & Tot  programmes. Suitable for ages 2 onward. 

NorthStar Gymnastics- Recreational Class


 Progress to our skills and routine-based Beginners Recreational programme - ideal for children 6 years olds onwards to build strong core foundation.

Our Advanced Recreational students develop serious high level gymnastics and tumbling skills. They have different athletic goals in acquiring advanced skills but do not want to train competitively.



Our adult gymnastics class caters to all abilities, fitness levels and backgrounds.  Whether you're 20 or 60, gymnastics is great for adults too! It's never too late to start tumbling. 

What's more, our regular Open Gym sessions cater to those who want more practice and tumbling time by themselves. Get faster, leaner and stronger while keeping fit! Join us and experience it for yourself today. 

National Championships Mar22 WAG Level 3.jpeg


Aspiring to be future competitive champions? We help you get there with our competitive programmes. The challenging and technique-focused classes are in accordance to the international FIG standards, Australia Level Program and the Singapore System.

Enrollment in this class is by invitation with limited slots available. Selection by the Head coach is based on skill, physical qualities, attitude and motivation.

Have what it takes to be on the team? We're always on look-out for talents - approach our Head Coach to arrange an assessment.

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