NorthStar Gymnastics Invitational

NorthStar Gymnastics Invitational 2019 L

NorthStar Gymnastics Invitational provides a conducive platform for budding gymnasts to engage in friendly competition with their peers while showcasing their skills to the gymnastics community. We also hope to play a part in promoting the growth of the sport in Asia with an annual NorthStar Gymnastics meet. 

In 2019 we welcomed over 300 gymnasts from more than 20 regional teams to our 2nd Invitational. What a blast we had! Our heartfelt thanks to the judges, gymnasts, coaches, staff, volunteers, parents and supporters for your time and effort. The dazzling performance from the teams are captured in our Facebook albums.  

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2019 Participating Teams

  • Club Gymnastica

  • TMC Gymnastics Academy


  • Alpha Gymnastics

  • BazGym

  • Canadian International School

  • Dreams Gymnastics

  • Dulwich

  • NorthStar Gymnastics

  • Power Feel Gymnastics

  • Prime Gymnastics

  • SAS Gymnastics

  • Tanglin Trust School

  • The Yard Dempsey

  • The Yard Singapore

  • UWC East Dragons

  • UWCSEA Phoenix


  • Club Gymnastica

  • TMC Gymnastics Academy


  • BSJ Gym Club

  • Dian Gymnastics

  • Fast Gym

  • Unstoppable Gymnastics


  • Sri KL

  • Total Gym